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Cake PHP Development

CakePHP Web Development Solutions at Saanvi Infosoft

We at Saanvi Infosoft are proud to present new and exciting complex web applications for different web platforms. Providing expert solutions specialising in an all-inclusive service, we are set for CakePHP web design and development.

Focusing on creating a great user experience for our customer, we plan to design for you your dreams.

Why Cake PHP with Saanvi Infosoft?

CakePHP development is an open source and highly flexible developer’s framework for crating complex web applications using new and improved techniques to deliver web applications in a small amount of time. It helps create simpler and faster web applications while using significantly less amount of coding.

CakePHP follows its tagline of ‘Build Fast, grow solid’ by providing a flexible database access layer and creating a strong scaffolding structure that helps building small and complex system easier.

We, at Saanvi Infosoft understand the growing demand for applications that have an interactive interface and are easier to manage, hence we offer exclusive application development based on the CakePHP framework to achieve what you dream.

CakePHP Features

The benefits and possibilities with CakePHP are endless, because with this you can:

  • Create smoother and faster prototype applications
  • Validate your web application faster
  • Use code generation and scaffolding for faster progress and growth
  • No dependence upon complex XML/YMAL files
  • Built in translations, database access, validation, cache, etc
  • Built in validation, CSRF protection, SQL injection, protection from tampering, XSS prevention

Benefits of using CakePHP

Because of the open source structure of CakePHP it is incredibly cost effective to develop applications using this framework. We at Saanvi Infosoft can help you develop incredibly smooth and effective web application at incredible speeds. Since the framework is easy to use and requires developers to write much less code when compared to other developing technologies, it provides a much simpler interface and hence is much more effective.

It also features smart modules and plug-ins for social media interactions and e-commerce website. The framework is incredibly flexible and can easily be customised to suit the personal requirements of the developers.

Exclusive from us at Saanvi Infosoft:

We have immense devotion and care to our customers and offer these exclusive services:

  • Experts for assisting you and providing solutions for development across several categories.
  • Customised application development according to your needs and specific business requirements.
  • Provide fast and easy CakePHP installation. We also assist with integration, maintenance and upgrades.
  • We also provide exclude services like setting up of payment gateways, CMS development, etc.

The support staff here at Saanvi Infosoft is proud in our ever ready and enthusiastic support team that is ready to assist you at all times. We develop your dream web applications and guide you through the process of managing and tweaking it according to your needs and requirements. Helping you in sectors that need special care and attention, our trained developers will guide you through it all.

Customer feedback and satisfaction is of the most pristine importance to us. Your feedback or query is valuable to us and you can reach us instantly by sending us an email on our address info@saanviinfosoft.com