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Website Development

Quality website development services for wordpress, open source php and .Net


Website Desing & Development Services

Saanvi Infosoft is a website development solutions company, where you can engage with us and be assured at we will provide you the best possible service to meet your needs. Continuous customer satisfaction is our motto and none of our customers leave dissatisfied.

Our technology spectrum covers the following –


The frameworks and content management systems that we are experienced in are –


We, as a team are flexible and follow development methodology based on the requirements of the clients. Whether we need to follow the standard software development lifecycle, or the more recent, but effective Agile Methodology, we can do it.

Our focus areas at Saanvi Infosoft are –

Engage the customer from the start

Engage the customer from the start


Provide highly effective solutions

Provide highly effective solutions



Provide a fast, effective and efficient website


24 X 7 support

24 X 7 support


Saanvi Infosoft has its own infrastructure setup as well as the manpower required to deliver quality products to our customers.

Our standard process deals with
  • Requirements Gathering and Analysis – This involves engaging the customer, studying competitors, carrying out interviews, detailing the requirements and creating wireframes
  • Website Designing – Designing the look and feel, including creation of prototypes where required.
  • Code Development – Develop the code and perform unit testing
  • Testing – Integrate and carry out requisite tests as required by the Application and customers.
  • Deployment – Deploy the application, help with User Acceptance Tests, Beta Tests. We start coding on our development server and then one the basic unit testing is carried out, we perform integration and system testing and then move it to the staging server. Once it is successful on the staging server, we move the tried and tested code to the production server.
  • Maintenance and Support – Providing routine maintenance or enhancement support as per the client’s requirements.

We have a dedicated project manager for each team and a dedicated Quality assurance team for each development project.