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Web Marketing

When asked where marketers would be increasing spends in 2015, the top five responses were; SEO (57%), Social Media (54%), Email (48%), PPC (43%), and Social Communities (40%). Regalix, 2015

Digital marketing is a process where online activity takes place to enhance productivity and consumer’s attention. Once the brand has decided its target audience, product, and focused area – they can start Digital marketing. By means of video, audio, text, or graphics, the brand’s visibility is increased.

Saanvi Infosoft ensures that the service it provides makes your presence acknowledged globally. Every brand needs a face value to entice customers. Saanvi Infosoft having a team expert in Digital marketing and all its aspects. They can take your brand name to a higher step by marketing well. Our experts know how-to and what-to do for a brand to score highest brownie points. With their cards placed very well, we assure 100% satisfaction and top-quality work.

Web Marketing
Web Marketing

Here’s a look at different Digital marketing strategies we offer:

  • Social Media Marketing

Gaining quite a popularity, social media is the new age networking system. Saanvi Infosoft tweet, upload status on Facebook, play with Instagram, and Google+ stuff we like. These are the basic means of survival today.

Saanvi Infosoft team is vigilant to create a brand’s unique space on all these social media sites. With our assorted platter of providing a packaged or a personalized program –any brand can gauge wider audience and customers in a short span. A great marketing strategy happens when you get maximum benefits with minimal efforts.

  • Display Advertisements

Display Advertisement is a tool where audio, video, and/or images are used to communicate the message. For example- Whether it is an audio-video of how to use a certain app in iOS or an image carrying easy steps of updating a website – display advertisement instantly magnify the footfalls.

Here less is more. Our designers and video/audio makers use their skills to make the message crisp, sharp, and impactful.

  • E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing connects a brand to its consumers via graphical and self-explanatory mails. The e-mails are brief, precise, and concise. The content and graphics used are in relation with each other and catches attention of consumers in no time.

Saanvi Infosoft team of designers craft crispy and attractive emails to draw the readers’ attention. By integrating the email tool with a comprehensive subscribers’ list, we schedule regular emails to keep the name rolling in the market. By paying a continuous heed to its response we alter the campaigns to fetch the best outcome. New ideas are shelled out through email advertisements on daily basis.

    • Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing is a mouth-to-mouth advertisement of a brand. The user is asked to refer a friend and in return, they can benefit in one way or the other. It works wonders when you want to enlarge a brand in the market. Our team comes with unique and attractive offers and referral program to gain attention. The entire task of referral program is managed by our team, releasing your burden to communicate or remind consumers.

Web Marketing
Web Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing

Introducing about your business products/items/or services in little quantity and top quality gives an overall impression of the brand. Our team uses tools such as blogs, games, or tutorial videos to inform & instruct customers.

It is an effective method to weave creativity and knowledge in a simple and fun loving way.

  • Video Marketing

As per research- including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.

When marketers are looking out for creative ways to grab people’s attention, videos has become a strong tool to consider. Using social media sites such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Vimeo, etc. video marketing help users make informed decisions. We build videos, easy to be streamlined and played without problem of loading it repeatedly.

  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a well-introduced methodology to gauge higher statistic and viewership. Our SEO experts are well versed with all the powerful tactics understanding Google algorithm very well. They incessantly keep an eye on the search industry and keep themselves completely abreast with the latest ways.

We guarantee unique services for a brand to top the search list and to have adequate followers.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Being an early adopter of affiliate marketing, we have a team of experienced persons who understand the market very well. They analyze your business first and then choose the trust worthy affiliates that help hauling new customers for you to grow your business.

Web Marketing