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Security & Networking

Security & Networking


Security is a major consent for every company & individuals. The problem with the today’s IT Security is, we it’s not mostly aligned with the business requirements. Getting every security equipment in the market, but still the human error factor is playable.

User IT Security awareness Instructor-Led Sessions: Users can act as the weakest link in your IT security. Their no firewall which could detecting or prevent Social Engineering attacks. Such attacks can occur anywhere at any point with anybody in the organization.  We providing user with IT security awareness and insure that user have common and basic understating of IT security. In this we educated user to how to be a security. In order words, we help user to cooperate with the company IT security. How not to create a security laps while working.   How to handle Social Engineering attacks and other attacks.

We train users to create secure environment in the company. How to create strong passwords, phishing scams, how to work securely, how to take care of their cubical, tailgating awareness, identify SPAM emails, attachment opening, unauthorized applications, virus response, how to handle vendors, & other IT Security issues.

The advantages of the training:

  • Low cost, & high ROI
  • User working awareness
  • User IT Security education
  • Low vulnerability
  • Training from well trained & experience trainer
  • User level IT Security
  • User examination to conform education

IT Security & Networking consulting Services

SAANVI INFOSFT LLP supports & improves the IT Security policy & posture. Information is today available very easily & even tools to hack them.   Today Security has become main concern of all the businesses. Internet is hostile place especially, when your business is depended on it.

Today to keep your presents on the internet is difficult. Every hacker is trying to get you down. We provide cost effective Security solutions, which will help your business to tackle the threats & hackers. It is important to keep the information security consultants & experts of domains to hiring them is much more economical option the maintaining a whole army of in-house IT security experts.   We provide On-site Security management & remote Security management.

  • Fine turning Security policies
  • Network Security & audit
  • Endpoint Security
  • DLP Solutions
  • IDS / IPS Solutions
  • Vulnerability management
  • Access Control System
  • Firewall Configuration & hardening
  • Hardening of Servers
  • Physical Security
  • Penetration testing
  • Web application Security
  • OWASP testing



At SAANVI INFOSOFT LLP, we have experts on IT Infrastructure planning & auditing. We provide consulting on SANS, NAS, Networking, OS licenses, OS installation, Network planning, Networking devices, WAN optimization products, VMWARE solutions, Security appliances and more. We have certified people for the task, so you have confidence over the implementation.

  • Networking & System vulnerability management
  • WAN and LAN Infrastructure
  • Wireless LAN
  • Network Audits
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Network monitoring

Networking & System vulnerability management

At SAANVI INFOSOFT LLP we review the overall layout of the of the organization’s IT infrastructure. This includes networking devices, Security devices, Servers and other IT appliances.  Our experts analyze intranet and extranet intrusion defenses and your internet presences & suggest or implement the necessary security measures to secure your business environment.

WAN and LAN Infrastructure

WE have highly experience people, on WAN, LAN & Network Security, with a good coverage of Firewalls, UTMs, Routers, Switches, WAN optimization solutions, DLP Solutions & layer 2 solutions, worked on various environments with different kinds of requirements.  We monitor & manage networking of the clients, with business complacence requirements. Most of the networking solutions are not focused to the business but, focused more on the networking compliance. This creates a need for more networking solutions to address the business & the loop goes on forever.  We provide a profound solution to the business needs.

Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN, are the need of the modern need of the people. Now a day’s people are moving more to Wireless LAN at almost everywhere and why not they should, it’s easy to deploy such solutions. But the plan, deployment and optimization is also necessary for Wireless LANs. They can work wonders with perfect deployment & in conjunction with the business requirements.  A simple misconfiguration can lead to a security hole. So connect with us & have a safe & secure Wireless LAN.

Network Audits

It is imperative that network Audits happen in an organization.  This audits filter out the flaws with regards processes, compliance, security & others. Network are like blood and veins in body, how these veins connect to the different parts of the body the same way these network components connect with other systems. We go for regular checkups of our body, then why not the networking components should be audited.   The network audit is important to keep your business running smoothly. We audit & assure our clients for business continuity.

Network troubleshooting

Network can have different problems & they can hard to resolve. We have experts in network troubleshooting, having more than five to eight years of experience in networking & network troubleshooting. A simple network problem can get your running business to a slowdown. This can result in business lost. Not any more, you having issue with network, do try us & see results. You will be more the delight to have us.

Network monitoring

Having a good running system is always good. But, it’s also important to monitor good network.  The anti-social, the hacker, the disgruntled employee are always looking for a chance to disturb you systems in anyway.  It’s very important to keep the system running with full capacity of it. Often its observed that, issue start as small before becoming large. SO with monitoring, we can eradicate or mitigate these issues. We have the best in class employee to monitor & understand the issue. At SAANVI INFOSOFT LLP we understand the business requirement, create a baseline for the business, so that there are no or low false positives.