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Manual Testing


Assured Quality Assurance at Saanvi Infosoft

We depend mostly on business tools and other software for monitoring or fine tune our process and progress of our business. We all agree, that almost everything now runs on software even many of our business decisions are based on our business software. These software add confidence to take bold and productive decisions. If there is any inconsistency or defect finds a way to production software, that will affect our business and we could end up holding a wrong end of the stick, which could also leading an organisation to security breaches, weaker business processes, revenue losses, and most important loss of clients  with their trust.

Manual Testing
Testing on all platforms

In the year 2014, an eCommerce giant’s vendors had lost over $100,000 to a simple price comparison software bug. The bug allow customers to buy product as costly as cell phone at a cost of 1 penny. The businesses losses millions due to software bugs. This is just a story of one domain and one organisation. How much it could impact to us if we were using software with an undisclosed bug?

To overcome such risks, we have a very robust software testing process. Which includes two major types; Manual Testing and Automation Testing. Allow me to walk you through this:

Manual Testing Process at Saanvi Infosoft:

  • In Manual Testing we check the software against the business requirement and general requirements of the software.
  • We validate each and every aspect of the software using all possible scenarios.
  • If any of the scenarios failed it will be reported immediately to the development team and the project manager or stake holder.
  • Once this issue is fixed and redeployed, we will do a regression testing to verify that, the resolved issues are closed and not reproducible and all other working features are working as expected
  • Once software clears all the scenarios, our QA team clears it for production deployment or Alpha testing by providing a release note
  • On deployment on production (client production) environment our team will rerun all the high level scenarios to add more confidence
  • Once the above process is completed an test report will be given to the client

We Offer :

  • High quality documentation of the testing
  • Highly experienced Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Excellent communication
  • Quality testing and reporting structure
  • Streamlined testing process
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