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QA and Testing Services

QA and Testing Services

Though we cannot test quality into an application, without certifying the application for its quality, the business owners cannot have a profitable venture. Saanvi Infosoft with its team of ISTQB certified testers is the right choice to ensure that your applications work as per requirements.

We are a one stop shop for all your testing requirements. We provide a plethora of testing services, ranging from basic testing services for website applications to the more complicated domains of games, encompassing unit testing, system testing, load testing, performance testing and anything else that falls in between.

We have a wide range of Mobile and Tablet Devices, Mac Machines and Window Machines. We always perform testing on real devices instead of simulators. This instills confidence in the development team, that the application will work as expected in the real environment. We enable this by ensuring that the test environment is a replica of the actual environment in which the application has to be deployed.

Saanvi Infosoft provides QA and Testing services across multiple browsers and operating systems for –


Engage the customer from the start

Mobile Applications

Provide highly effective solutions

Desktop Applications

Provide a fast, effective and efficient website

Web based applications

Testing of games

Testing of games

Saanvi Infosoft provides Manual Testing as well as Automation Testing across the following domains –

CRM, Healthcare, Finance, Banking, Ecommerce, Social Networking, ERP, Event Management System and Learning Management System.

Software Testing Life cycle

Saanvi Infosoft team, consisting of ISTQB certified professionals, follows a well thought out software testing life-cycle for all our projects.

QA And Testing

We believe in engaging with the development team at the start of the project, so that we can be in there from the start. We start with going through the requirements and discussing them with the customer, where required. In parallel, based on the phases of the project, the deliverable, and deadlines, we come up with a testing strategy and a testing plan.

Based on the requirements, we come up with test scenarios and cases. Test data, if required is also created at this stage.

Testing is then carried out with the help of the created test cases. If decided as per the requirement, automation of test cases is carried out as well.

Bugs, summaries are then created as per plan. If fixes are done, regression testing is carried out wherever required.

Manual Testing

There are some aspects of testing, like usability, look and feel that cannot be automated always. So, manual testing of software is very important and is an integral part of software development.

No matter how much of automation is carried out, we need to supplement it with manual testing.

Manual testing is most useful for –

testing-look-iconTesting look and feel and User Interface
testing-usability-iconTesting Usability aspect of the application
testing-security-iconTesting installation aspect
test_securityTesting Security of the application
testing-error-iconTesting error handling

Saanvi Infosoft Provides following type of Testing services -


unit-testing-conUnit Testing
integration-testing-iconIntegration Testing
system-testing-iconSystem Testing
beta-testing-iconBeta Testing
user-acceptance-testing-iconTesting User Acceptance
random-testing-iconRandom Testing
smoke-testing-iconSmoke Testing
reg_testRegression Testing
alpha-testing-iconAlpha Testing
black-box-testing-iconBlack Box Testing
load-testing-iconLoad Testing
performance-testing-iconPerformance Testing

We thus, offer a plethora of manual testing services, covering almost all the aspects of testing an application, across varied domains, operating systems and browsers.

Automation Testing

Whenever repetitive testing is required, automation of testing is the key to faster turnaround and lower costs.

Coupled with manual testing, automation testing helps achieve better results. Automation testing also helps reduce ri sks that are related to errors associated human factor of manual testing.

As part of automation testing, what we at Saanvi Infosoft do is –

understand-requirements-iconUnderstand requirements
define-automation-iconDefine automation testing plans and strategies
define-and-build-iconDefine and build automation frameworks
create-automation-iconCreate automation test scripts
testing-security-iconGenerate test reports and summaries


    • System Testing : End-to-end testing of the system as a whole, is called system testing. System testing is carried out to ensure is that the modules are integrated cohe sively.


    • Performance Testing : A system that is too slow, or tanks when many people get onto to it together, will not be a success in the market. Especially when we are targeting users over the Internet, there is bound to be more traffic and so, performance of the system needs to be tested in ideal conditions, as well as extreme conditions.


    • Load Testing : The system is verified such that, it can be proven that it works normally under ideal load conditions as well as peak load conditions.


    • Stress Testing : Stress testing is carried out to ensure that the system works as desired even under high load conditions and especially synchronization issues, memory leaks, etc.


    • Volume Testing : When a system is built, based on the volume of users and load that is predicted, hardware systems like RAM, network bandwidth are decided. Volume testing gauges capacity planning for the application.


    • Interface testing : No application is a standalone module in itself, it needs to interface with other modules, and these interfaces need to be tested to ensure that they are working as expected and desired. Interface testing can be carried out as part of System testing of independently.