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Jquery Mobile Development


jQuery Mobile App Solutions at Saanvi Infosoft

The Saanvi Infosoft jQuery project team brings to you a touch optimised web development framework. This mobile framework is essentially a Java Script library that directs its focus on creating a framework that is compatible to run on the plethora of smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc. Since there is a growing demand for tablets and smartphones, we at Saanvi Infosoft, understand that this kind of app development tool becomes a necessity since it focuses on the touch interface of these mobile phones and tablet computers.

jQuery mobile application development interface is fully compatible with several other mobile development frameworks, having established itself as a widely popular open-source framework.

Basic Features

  • Compatible with all desktop browsers and mobile platforms like Android, Windows, WebOS, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry, etc.
  • The learning cure for people using jQuery is minimal if you are already familiar with the jQuery syntax, as it is built on the foundation of jQuery core.
  • Features a thumbing framework using which you can create custom themes for personalisation.
  • Features touch optimised widgets that are easy to use and customise.
  • Exhibits optimised speed because of limited dependencies and lightweight construction.
  • HTML5 focused configuration that assists in creating pages with minimal requirement for scripting.

Why jQuery Mobile?

jQuery is capable of designing web pages that are interactive and attractive. Since the framework is compatible with all major mobile platforms, each page and application will work in the exact same way across mobile devices.

We at Saanvi Infosoft, use the basic standard for all web browsers, i.e. HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for writing applications so that they don’t have to rely on the specific requirements for different platforms such as Android, Blackberry, Windows, iOS, etc.

What Saanvi Infosoft Brings To the Table

  • Features a progressive enhancement approach that clubs together core content and effective functionality to mobile phones, desktops and tablets. It also provides a new and application like interface on the new mobile platforms.
  • The framework navigation is powered by AJAX and comes with animated page transition effects. It enables the developers to create URLs through pushState.
  • By using CSS 3 and HTML 5 web development languages, jQuery easily creates mobile web applications by using a unified and singular codebase that are capable of scaling automatically to any screen. I
  • Enables the creating of visually stunning and easy to create thematic structures that can combine up to 26 unique colour squelches. The framework is immensely powerful and supports customisation of colours and even certain CSS aspects of the interface.
  • The mobile application development framework is focused on building a touch optimised environment and interface keeping in mind the growing trend of touch devices in the market. It features UI widgets that are optimised to support touch interfaces for a unified across platform mobile experience. The framework supports additional accessibility enhancements like the WAI-ARIA.

jQuery has grown exponentially to come across as the mobile app development framework that works on the principle of ‘Write less, do more’. The small and feature packed JavaScript library is an easy to use interface for a multitude of platforms and mobile browsers. It has successfully redefined the way people use and write JavaScript. Write us now if you want a  jQuery Mobile Application developed at the most cost- effective way.