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АngulаrЈЅ and Ionic development


AngularJS and Ionic Application Solutions at Saanvi Infosoft

AngularJS Apps Development Services is a new and exponentially growing app and mobile developer toolbox that is getting favourable responses from developers; it’s definitely becoming one of the best frameworks for building applications for mobiles across all major development platforms.

The primary reason for this is that the framework has amazing interaction and support for the backend web services, and combined with the support for external data sources the AngularJS fits perfectly in the mould for creating mobile optimised HTML, CSS and JS components and tools for building interactive native web applications. We at Saanvi Infosoft understand this potential and strive to bring you nothing but the best when it comes to technology.

Three-Way Data Binding Technique

Dаtа binding is one of the most used concepts in modern developer groups. It follows the principle that when the data model updates it eventually updates the UI as well. And AngularJS adds another step in this process, by updating the UI they update the model to go in match with it. This process, termed two-way data binding is extremely easy to do with Ionic and Angular. Three-way data binding implies that while also keeping the UI and memory data in synchronisation with each other they can also sync the data with backend services. Taking inputs from the users and saving it on the server after processing it and keeping the sync is extremely easy to perform with Angular. It serves as a great time saving technique for mobile developers.


By using AngularJS, we at Saanvi Infosoft make it possible for you to use the web application logic and codes on multiples devices over different kinds of platforms and still making it possible for customising the hybrid frameworks. Developing applications and websites earlier required making separate codes and websites for Desktop, different objective-C applications for iOS devices and Java applications for android.

AngularJS & Ionic

With the seamless combination of AngularJS and Ionic, our vastly experienced personnel at Saanvi Infosoft forge a sturdy and powerful SDK that is suited for building powerful mobile applications that have a brilliant UI and sturdy core architecture.

Benefits of AngularJS :

  • Provides the capability to create Single Page Application in a very clean and maintainable way
  • Provides data binding capability to HTML
  • A complete solution for rapid front end development
  • No framework or plugin needed for building a data driven web application
  • Cross browser support and no dependency on any external libraries

Benefits of Ionic :

  • An open source
  • Built around AngularJS
  • Supports iOS/Android and also unofficially works on Windows Mobile platform
  • optimized for touch devices
  • Use of well-known web technologies
  • Availability of a large number of 3rd party resources, plugins, and themes

Design Architecture

With Ionic and AngularJS, it becomes incredibly easy to manage the components of application because of the simple structure of the application. Locating codes becomes even easier and results in enhanced and improved design architecture.

Our AngularJS development platform features a powerful application creating framework that adheres to the modern requirements and makes it suitable for creating applications over a plethora of platforms. It is a highly productive method of developing web structures, offering a simple and effective developing scenario for customers and developers all over the world.