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A trained team is the backbone of a good development team.

As part of our service offerings, Saanvi Infosoft offers to train your teams in development technologies as well as testing.

So, are you looking at QA testing training services or training for your developers in DotNet, Java and PHP, we are there for you.

We offer flexible, need-based training to develop testing skills as well as development skills to your teams.

We follow an established training process –

We discuss your training needs with you.

We then checkout out training plans for your teams. Depending on the existing skill levels, we may plan to have a complete training or an abridged version.Training is also planned based on the level of the trainees.

The training is then delivered as planned.

Tests are administered to the trainees. They are then graded based on their performance in the tests. Re-training is carried out wherever required.

A feedback is taken from the participants on the course, the course material, the trainer and overall performance. This feedback is then fed back into our training modules to ensure that we continuously improve and provide you with the best training services.

We can help you build the following types of Mobile Applications –

QA Testing

This covers analysis of the requirements, creating test plans, creating test cases, reviewing test cases, executing the
created test cases and then creating test reports and summaries

Automation Testing

We use Selenium and Jmeter to train people to automate test cases

Development Training

Training on development platforms and languages like DotNet, Java and PHP

Graphic & Web Design Training

Training on designing software like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw , Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver