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Our Server

We have excellent Infrastructure Management. We have SMB high-end servers with data backup and data protection. These servers and network are secured by robust Data leak prevention systems and firewalls. So client can share their confidential information with us and not worry about data integrity. Clients are sharing a high confidence and trust with us.

We keep our client project and working data in high secure environment with only need to have access, which is similar to the military term “Need to know bases”. That is, even the project manager shall not have any more information than needed. We are highly disciplined with information accruing and storing. This discipline allow us and clients to work with confidence and trust. We educate our employees to counter any kind of social engineer and to flag it when encountered with any kind of digital threat or any suspicious activity.

We are having strong infrastructure at our organization.

1. High Speed internet connectivity
2. ISTQB Certified Tester
3. Highly Experienced Developers
4. Dedicated resources on request
5. Latest Mobiles & Tablets

Our Office
Our Office

Our in-house infrastructure includes:

  • Regular Updated Virus Protection for all systems
  • Modern and Updated Servers
  • High-Power Management System for monitoring flow of data and work
  • Redundant data backup
  • Trained employees who adhere to our standards and privacy policy
  • 100% confidentiality maintained
  • Uninterrupted internet
  • Excellent crisis management
  • Durable, Strong interpersonal and interpersonal skills to communicate -messages,warnings,or emergencies with one another
  • Bio-metric System
  • Best BYOD policies
  • VoIP calling facility to deal with clients all over the globe
  • Best cloud accessibility

Saanvi Infosoft provides space to produce, deliver innovative and creative ideas to clients. We always believe and set best setups for a smooth flow of communication.

We have built an infrastructure that we can boast about. Infrastructure, the base of any organization is indeed an integral part as it runs the applications that handle unlimited important data and also help the organization to make complex decisions. The perfect infrastructure makes it possible for an organization to grow with higher productivity. At Saanvi Infosoft you can see the complete range of computing, storage, and networking technologies which make sure the technology experts offer the industry best solutions to the clients.

We train and educate our employees to be more discreet and transparent to their work without falling for comparison. We project and help them to develop a health environment where we as a team can work successfully for client’s benefit. To us, client’s satisfaction is at utmost importance. We promote our employees to be committed, hardworking, and dedicated to their work.

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